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Over $15 million already spent on Michigan Congressional races

May 21, 2010

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, $15,824,832 has been spent to fund Congressional races across the state, with a little over half of that going to Democrats.

The candidates receiving the largest amounts so far are Democrats Gary Peters ($1,962,516) and Mark Schauer ($1,817,673). The top Republican recipient is Dave Camp at $1,370,192.

In West Michigan the money raised for the 2nd and 3rd Congressional races are not nearly as high and the money seems to be spread out between numerous candidates.

In the 2nd Congressional race Jay Riemersma (R) leads all candidates having raised $526,000 as of the last financial report deadline, follwed by Willian Cooper (R) ($225,721), Bill Huizenga (R) ($200,269), Wayne Kuipers (R) ($112,590), John Reichardt (R) ($35,974), Fred Johnson (D) ($25,703), Nicolette McClure (D) ($13,280), Jeff Wincel (R) ($11,885) and Chris Larson (R) & Edward Ted Schendel (R), which have both raised no money.

In the 3rd Congressional race Justin Amash (R) leads all candidates in fundraising with $116,063, followed by Pat Miles (D) ($107,230), Steve Heacock (R) ($88,187), Bill Hardiman (R) ($54,087) and Robert Overbeek (R) ($2,549). Louise E. Johnson (R), Michael Van Kleeck (R) and Paul Mayhue (D) all have not raised any money as of the last financial reporting deadline.

The top donor to Michigan Congressional races so far is the UAW ($800,500), followed by ActBlue, Weyerhaeuser Co., Centra Inc., DTE Energy, Ford Motor Co., and Dow Chemical. West Michigan donors are Autocam Corp. ($111,000), Bridge Street Capital ($109,000), Amway ($108,050), and Windquest Group ($100,900). Amway and the Windquest Group are essentially the same since the DeVos family is involved in both.

While it is hard to determine for sure exactly how this money will influence the Congressional races, it is likely that big money will determine the outcome of most of these races. It would also be good to pay attention to how money from specific entities will influence the political platform of individual candidates as the races develop.

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