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The Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy (GRIID) was formed in 1998 in response the growing influence of the corporate media. GRIID teaches media literacy, critical thinking skills about how media functions and how it can misinform the public on critical issues like war, race, gender, health, the environment, consumerism and elections. We also act as a media watchdog of the news in West Michigan and have published numerous reports that demonstrate that the corporate media fails the public miserably on critical issues. GRIID works with community-based organizations on how to use media as an organizing tool. GRIID has also been working with student groups across the state to help them with their own media campaigns. Lastly, we have begun our own Indy media production – news stories, interviews and short documentaries. The Indy media production has begun because of the lack of independent news coverage of critical issues of the day that impacts Western Michigan.

GRIID offers a variety of workshops and media trainings, please see the following documents for more information:

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