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DeVos Family Reader

Motion by Schurr lawyers to have case dismissed

Chamber Ordinance Proposal

GR Chamber Ordinance Supporters

Jones Campaign Finances 2022

Knight Campaign Finances 2022

Robbins Campaign Finances 2022

Reppart Campaign Finances 2022

Hoskins Campaign Finances 2022

Perdue Campaign Finances 2022

GREJ Letter

Sign-On Letter_ Stop ICE Expansion, Keep North Lake Closed


GRPD Patrick Lyoya document 4

GRPD Patrick Lyoya document 3

GRPD Patrick Lyoya document 2

GRPD Patrick Lyoya document 1

GRPOA Statement in support of Officer Christopher Schurr

Arbitration decision_redacted

Williams – Our Enemies in Blue Police Power

Disrupting Order

On the Nature of Police

Abolition for the People

Miller v. Allendale Charter Twp. – Complaint

Resolution, proposed to CRC re divestment – sent draft

Defund the GRPD Demands on the 2022 Grand Rapids City Budget

Grand Rapids FY2022-Preliminary-Fiscal-Plan

Grand Rapids 2022 City Budget Presentation

GRPOA Statement 4:26:2021

City Manager Response to OPA Requests

GRPD Response to OPA requests

OPA Statement on lack of GRPD Transparency


GR City Special Meeting 2:23:2021

Eviction DefenseGuide

Zinn – People’s History of the United States

Democrats and Social Movements

Social Service or Social Change

ACLU Camp Heartside Letter 12.19

A visual depiction of how the GRPD has tried to control the narrative about public safety since the May 30th rebellion in Grand Rapids

Community Coalition Statement in opposition to ShotSpotter

City of Grand Rapids Indigenous People’s Day Proclamation

Food Justice Workshop Slides

GRPOA Statement against Defunding the GRPD

Movement for Black Lives Defund Police Toolkit


2020-08-25 City Commission – Full Agenda-4369

Betsy DeVos 2019 Earnings

FOIA documents on Cosecha GR 2019 May Day Action


A Vision for Black Lives

Before Calling the Cops

Anti-Police Organizing Toolkit


Popular Education Class – History of US Immigration Policy

#FreeThemAll_ Toolkit to Support Local Demands for Mass Release of People in ICE Custody

#LiberenATodxs_Kit de Herramientas para Apoyar Demandas Locales para la Liberación Masiva de Personas Bajo Custodia de ICE

GR Rapid Response to ICE _ COVID-19 letter to Whitmer

GR Rapid Response to ICE _ COVID-19 letter to Whitmer in Spanish

GREJ Press Conference Demands

2020-01-09 City Planning Commission – Full Agenda-4155

AmplyfyGR meeting FAQ

GRPS Principles of Hospitality & Tourism Syllabus

FOIA document from the GRPS on business & Foundation donations 2017-2019

Sanctuary School Toolkit

Sanctuary School Toolkit in Spanish

American Intolerance

US:Mexican history

Immigrants and the Economy

Immigration, Law and Race

Climate & Border 1

GREJ document from 11:4:2019

Bliss 2019 Campaign Finances

GR City Commission Public Comment on Drivers Licenses for All

Senita Lenear 2014 Campaign Finance document

Grand Rapids for Education Justice Statements 10:7:2019


4:9:2019 GR City Committee of the Whole

Richard & Helen DeVos Foundation 2017

Ramos Gomez CAB Appeal Final 3.16.19 with attachments

ice letter re gomez 1.23. 2019 final signed

grpd and gr commission letter re gomez 1.23.2019 final

FOIA documents Kent County ICE Contract

MIRC and ACLU Letter to Kent County Sheriff on Detainers


Report on Immigrant Economic Impact in Kent County

Youth-Interactions-Policy (1)

Family Separation Resolution (1)


Kent County ICE Contract


National Sheriff’s Association 2018 Letter


This One Small Thing Zine



Grand Rapids Document used to entice Amazon

GR City Commission Equal Services Policy

2017-05-23 City Commission – Full Agenda-2603

Affordable Housing Committee Recommendations










Cycles of Truth – Liturgical Incarnations and Incantations

Coit Square Project Letter from Developer

Letters to Grand Rapids Mayor Bliss

Rockford Construction Complete Neighborhood Development Plan

A Popular Guide to Wealth and Influence at GVSU

Sembramos, Comemos, Sembramos: Learning Solidarity on Mayan Time

Sembramos Comemos Sembramos

A Guide to Radical Sustainability in Grand Rapids

Guide to Radical Sustainability in Grand Rapids

Draft of One Kent Coalition “Metropolitan Government Act”

Draft of One Kent Coalition Metropolitan Government Legislative Proposal

2010 GRIID Film Study

2010 GRIID Film Study PDF version

2010 Election Coverage Report

Study of the Grand Rapids Press Religion Section 2009

Local Food for a Re-energized Community Economy

Securing Healthy Food Access in Economically Distressed Urban Neighborhoods

100 Days of War: Grand Rapids Press Coverage of the US Occupation of Afghanistan

Study covers the period May

Reflecting the Government’s Point of View: Grand Rapids Press Coverage of Iraq and Iran

This 4-week investigation into the Grand Rapids Press’ coverage of Iraq and Iran. In both cases the primary sources cited were those of the US administration or US military personnel. The human cost of the war, both in terms of Iraqi civilians and US soldiers received minimal coverage, and the perspectives of anti-war activists and organizations were non-existent. The content analysis of the study shows that the stories that ran in the Grand Rapids Press tended to reflect the perspective of the US administration and take the position that US policy towards Iraq and Iran were promoting democracy.

Study covers the period November 11 – December 9, 2007

Grand Rapids Press Coverage of Latin America

A study examining and analyzing the Grand Rapids Press’ coverage of Latin America over a six-month period.

Study covers the period 02/01/07 – 07/31/07

Local TV News Coverage of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

A study examining the local television media’s coverage the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Study covers the period 08/01/2005 to 11/08/2005

Local TV Primary Election Coverage

Study covers the period 06/27/2005 to 08/01/2005

Local News Election Coverage Spring 2005

Study covers the period 03/29/2005 to 05/02/2005

Hyper-Sexual Content on Local Radio

GRIID reviewed web sites and programming content of the 33 local radio stations in the greater Grand Rapids area. We looked at how women were depicted and treated not only in their programming, but also in their promotional events, merchandise, and various other aspects of their quests to serve public interest.

Study covers the period 01/10/2004 to 03/31/2004

Reporting Official Positions

Local News Coverage of Iraq

Study covers the period 01/12/2004 to 03/12/2004

Roadmap to Nowhere

Local News Coverage of Israel/Palestine

Study covers the period 08/11/2003 to 11/03/2003

An Informed Vote?

Local Election Coverage 2003

Study covers the period 10/06/2003 to 11/03/2003

Un-Reality TV Study

An Analysis of Story Elements in Reality Programming

Study covers the period 09/01/2003 to 10/01/2003

Local Children’s Education TV Study

A Brief Analysis of Children’s Educational Programming

Searching for the Smoking Gun

Local News Coverage of the US War in Iraq

Study covers the period 03/17/2003 to 05/02/2003

Tell Me Who I Am

Race Representation at the Movies

The Big Sell: Product Placement in Movies

Racial Profiling

Study covers the period 09/03/2002 to 11/11/2002


Local Media Coverage of Iraq

Study covers the period 9/12/02 to 11/08/02

An Informed Vote?

Local News Coverage – Local Elections 2002

Study covers the period 10/01/2002 to 11/04/2002

An Informed Vote?

Local News Coverage – Primary Elections 2002

Study covers the period 07/08/2002 to 08/05/2002

Lighting Up the Movies

Tobacco Use in Hollywood Films

Study covers the period 01/01/2002 to 06/30/2002

An Informed Vote?

Local News Coverage – Spring School Elections 2002

Study covers the period 05/11/2002 to 06/09/2002

Racial Profiling

Racial Representation on Local TV News

Study covers the period 01/21/2002 to 02/28/2002

Reporting on Terrorism

The US War in Afghanistan on Local TV News

Study covers the period 10/07/2001 to 12/21/2001

Too Often Victims or Perpetrators

Youth Representation on Local TV News

Study covers the period 10/08/2001 to 12/07/2001

An Informed Vote? Primary Election Coverage, September 2001

A Report on Local News Election Coverage

Study covers the period 08/13/2001 to 09/11/2001

An Informed Vote? Election Coverage, Spring 2001

A Report on Local News Election Coverage

Study covers the period 05/12/2001 to 06/10/2001

Women and Local News

Representation of Women and Women’s Issues in local TV news

Study covers the period 03/2001

Racial Profiling

Local TV News Racial Representation for Black History Month

An Informed Vote?

Grand Rapids TV Election Coverage 2000

Study covers the period 10/09/2000 to 11/06/2000

A View of the World: International News on Local Newscasts

Study covers the period September 1999 to April 2000

Racial Profiling: TV News and Racial Representation

Study covers the period September 1, 1999 to February 29, 2000

Sins of Omission

Business and Labor Voices in Grand Rapids TV News

Study covers the period 09/01/1999 to 02/29/2000

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