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Comcasteroid Heading Right for Earth

May 20, 2010

(This Media Alert is a re-posting from Stop Big Media.)

Comcast is like an asteroid on a collision course with earth, and time is running out to stop the company from taking over NBC Universal and destroying our media system. We have one month to tell the Federal Communications Commission why it should stop the Comcast merger (and save the planet? Perhaps!).

Comcast is notorious for overpriced cable service, overpaid executives, attacks on Net Neutrality and terrible customer service. Now, it wants to take over NBC Universal and expand its already massive media empire. If we don’t take action, we’re going to get hit with higher bills and fewer choices both on- and offline.

The impact will be felt by everyone. We need to avert a Comcast disaster by telling the FCC to stop the merger.

Thanks to the public outcry, the FCC is paying attention. The agency just appointed an outside investigator to review the merger and opened a month-long public comment period so we can register our objections to this disastrous deal.
If the deal goes through, Comcast will be able to control what we watch and how we watch it, absorbing dozens of cable networks, a movie studio, 27 television stations, and influence over 200 NBC affiliates.

It would be the biggest media takeover in a generation. Our cable and Internet bills could skyrocket. Sites like Hulu and popular TV programming could get locked behind a paywall.

The fact is, Comcast has a terrible record on just about everything:

  • It fires workers who try to join unions
  • It was voted worst company in America by readers of the Consumerist
  • It engages in vicious price gouging
  • It was caught red-handed blocking Internet traffic

CEO Brian Roberts was rated one of the five most overpaid CEOs in America. The video below explains just how bad this Comcast-NBC deal is, and why the FCC needs to stop it. But let’s be real. This isn’t some Hollywood movie. This is our media system, and if we don’t act now, it will be struck by a merger of epic proportions. With your help, we can stop it.

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  1. May 22, 2010 9:06 pm

    Diversity of perspective in news is essential since the content and implications describes a complex system. Points of view and implications need to be articulated, not a simplistic “sound byte” or headline with little background.

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