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Israeli Apartheid Week targets The Right Place Inc. in Grand Rapids

April 6, 2016

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Yesterday, activists involved with the Grand Rapids BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) campaign went to downtown during the lunch hour to pass out flyers for Israeli Apartheid Week.

Israeli Apartheid is the ongoing oppression of Palestinian people, plus the illegal occupation of Palestinian land. For those who are not familiar with Israeli Apartheid (directed at Palestinians), check out the important resources from the End the Occupation campaign. 

The target of Israeli Apartheid Week was the Right Place Inc. and for 2 main reasons.

First, the pro-business entity recruits businesses to West Michigan. Therefore, they have recruited the military contractor Plasan North America,  based in Walker, Michigan. Plasan is not just any military contractor, they are an Israeli-owned military contractor with facilities in the US, France and Israel. Plasan not only makes weapons, but provides “security resources and solutions” that focus on Border Protection, Special Forces Operations, Intelligence Missions, Disaster Management, and Convoy & VIP Protection. Here is a sample of “services” they offer with the products, which is taken from their own promotional material.building-a-business-relationship-with-israel-1-728

Second, The Right Place Inc., actively recruits Israeli businesses and promotes Israeli products. They do this through the Michigan Israel Business Bridge (MIBB), a Bloomfield Hills-based entity. The Right Place Inc. CEO ,Birgit Klohs, is part of the Advisory Council for the MIBB. 

The action the Grand Rapids BDS Campaign took for Israeli Apartheid Week was to hand out flyers about the pro-Israeli practices of The Right Place Inc. Several hundred flyers were distributed during the lunch hour in downtown Grand Rapids. People were mostly receptive to the information and many people admitted that they knew very little about Israeli Apartheid.

At one point a representative of The Right Place Inc. took pictures of the demonstration, but chose not to engage people as to why they took action.

Here is the flyer that was handed out during the action taken during Israeli Apartheid Week.

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