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Anti-Gentrification Movement comes to Grand Rapids

April 5, 2016


For years now Grand Rapids has been plagued by gentrification in numerous areas, like Wealthy street, the Belknap neighborhood, the Division/Wealthy area and the near west side. There has even been plans to gentrify part of the southeast by Rockford Construction, until their plans were exposed. 

Grand Rapids needs to challenge these developers and push back against the city of Grand Rapids, which seems to be complicit or at least unwilling to slow down this process.

Many people are subjected to significant rent increases, unable to afford property taxes that have sky-rocketed and landlords who are willing to sell to larger businesses that are buying up property all over the city.

Grand Rapids Homes For All

Fortunately, there is an effort underway that seeks to challenge the gentrifying forces and create a movement for those most impacted and most vulnerable to displacement.hqdefault

Grand Rapids has been working with the national organization, the Right to the City, with their Homes for All Campaign. Homes for All is a national campaign uniting renters and residents facing displacement in cities across the country to fight for and win renters’ rights and community control of land and housing.  Homes For All is playing a central role in building the tenants’ and housing and land justice movement from city to city through translocal campaigns.   The campaign recognizes racism has always shaped housing and land policies and practices in the US.  Thus, while the campaign brings together a wide range of allies, Homes For All is led by communities of color and working class communities that are hardest hit.  These campaigns strive to link common local campaigns together to share best practices, build momentum across cities and provide support with trainings and mentorship.

The Homes for All Campaign is based on three strategies: renters rights, Alternative Models of Housing for People Not Profit and Development Without Displacement. These three strategies will be laid out at our next meeting, on Thursday, April 14. People will be asked to participate in these working groups and further develop these strategies to promote housing justice.

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 14 at 6pm and will be located at the Kent County Health Department 700 Fuller NE.

This is an autonomous and grassroots movement that will be driven by those most vulnerable to displacement. Click on the facebook event page. 

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