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Amway/Alticor is donating to Obama’s re-election campaign

September 4, 2012

When people hear the corporate name Amway, all sorts of images and labels come to mind, but one label that doesn’t usually come to mind is “supported of Democrats.”

It is true that the Amway Corporation has traditionally funded the Republican Party as has the DeVos and Van Andel Families. We noted back in July that the DeVos family had already donated over a half a million dollars to the Republicans so far in the 2012 election cycle.

Since 1990, Amway/Alticor had contributed roughly $8,000 to Democrats prior to 2012, but have thus far contributed $46,800 to Democrats in the current election cycle. Comparatively, the Republican Party has received $390,900 from Amway/Alticor in the 2012 election cycle, which demonstrates where the bulk of their paying for political influence has gone.

The Democrats who have received funding from Amway/Alticor so far this year have been Congressional candidates David Wu from Oregon ($2,500) and Daniel Adler from California ($3,500). However, what might come as a surprise to some is that President Barack Obama has received $10,000 from Amway/Alticor in his bid to be re-elected, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Comparatively, Amway/Alticor has only given $12,750 to Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney so far.

The reason why Amway would give money to Democrats and specifically President Obama, depends on how one views electoral politics in the US. Thos who think it is purely ideological might be confused by this data, but if one sees electoral politics purely in terms of power, then Amway’s donation to Obama and other Democrats makes complete sense.

Corporations give money to candidates primarily to buy access and to influence policy. That Amway gave money to Obama’s re-election campaign reflects that they want some access if he is re-elected. This is the nature of electoral politics in the US, which is why the corporations that much of the public loathes, such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Comcast, BP, Coca Cola give to both political parties. These companies, along with most, donate to both parties because they want access and the ability to influence policy no matter who controls the White House or Congress.

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