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Protest Planned for Bush visit June 2 in GR

March 9, 2010

As many of you already know by now, the Economics Club of Grand Rapids has invited George W. Bush to speak at their annual dinner on June 2nd. We are happy to announce that someone has already started a facebook event inviting people to protest Bush’s visit.

Join us in the streets for a protest march to Devos Place to let Bush, the elite fools who feel that he is worthy of listening to, and Grand Rapids know that though Bush’s “friends” in Grand Rapids may be powerful, they are sparse, and the great majority of us DON’T approve of lying, thieving, mass murdering, war criminal terrorists feeling safe in our town.”

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  1. Meosha Walker permalink
    March 10, 2010 4:29 pm

    I feel that Mr. Bush should stay in Texas. As much as he has done to this economy I don’t think people should invite him anywhere to listen to anything he has to say! President Obama has to do a double job because of all of the things that Bush and his ‘Administration’ has done now where in a war that we can’t get out of, helping people that don’t want us to even be in there country, based on the lie that they had weapons of mass destruction. Also, he knew about the 9-11 before it even happened and did nothing to stop it. That’s what’s wrong with our economy now. Stay at home BUSH!

  2. Kate Wheeler permalink
    March 11, 2010 6:26 pm

    Bush is represented by the Washington Speakers’ Bureau, and reportedly gets $150,000 per speech. If he speaks to the Economic Club for a half-hour, he’ll make $5,000 a minute.

    Late last year, Bush also signed a book deal with Crown Publishing with a $9 million advance.

    It’s obscene that this man is allowed to go freely about in society after the crimes that he committed and to benefit from them at all, let alone to this extent.


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