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War Criminal Bush Returning to Grand Rapids

March 8, 2010

According to MLive, the Economic Club of Grand Rapids has announced that George W. Bush will be the keynote speaker this year at its annual dinner on June 2nd.

Bush has been to Grand Rapids several times since the Supreme Court decided he would be President in 2000. The former President came to Grand Rapids in late January of 2003, the day after his State of the Union address announcing plans to invade Iraq. Bush also came to Grand Rapids just weeks before the 2004 election, in 2005 Bush was the commencement speaker at Calvin College and in April of 2007 Bush spoke to a closed audience at East Grand Rapids High School defending the US occupation of Iraq.

In each of these incidents, hundreds of people came out to protest Bush as a War Criminal. Some of the crimes committed during the Bush Cheney years included the illegal invasions/occupations of Afghanistan & Iraq, indiscriminate bombing and shooting of civilians, forced detention and torture.

There has been an ongoing campaign to prosecute Bush & Cheney for war crimes that was begun by the folks at, even after Bush left office and the Obama administration has refused to pursue such indictments.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people again showed up in big numbers to demand the prosecution of Bush for war crimes? Anyone willing to organize such an action?

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