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A call for zines, art and film from Think Outside the Bomb

February 12, 2010

A national organization called Think Outside the Bomb (TOTB) is organizing a national tour around the US beginning in April. TOTB, an anti-nuclear youth network, is inviting people to submit zines, artwork or film that will be used during their national tour.

The TOTB tour will include a traveling art exhibit that will show two things: (1) the horrors of nuclear weapons and energy systems, and (2) active resistance to nuclear weapons and energy systems.

The national anti-nuclear youth network is also wants to hear from you and your community about the anti-oppression struggles you are engaged in, whether they be against nuclearism, militarism & war, patriarchy, racism, capitalism, etc.

Their promotional material states, “This summer we are going on a three-month, 40-city tour of the USA, where we will distribute a tour zine. This zine will feature submitted poetry, essays, photos, action and campaign information, and a tour CD containing spoken word, spoken essays, and music.”

For anyone wanting to submit art, zines, spoken word or film for the TOTB 2010 Tour, the submission deadline is March 15. You can send you submissions via e-mail to Hard copies of original artwork can be sent to: TOTB 1925 Five Points Road SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105.

The tour is scheduled to come to Grand Rapids on May 18. We will post more information about the TOTB visit to Grand Rapids once we have more details, but if you want to participate in organizing the GR part of the tour contact Kyla Sisson

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