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Alt-Right blogger creates a conflict at the Cosecha action in Lansing, then reports that a mob threatened him

September 23, 2021

Last week, we reported on an action the Movimiento Cosecha organized in Lansing around their campaign to win Driver’s Licenses for All in Michigan.

There was a scheduled public hearing that day in Lansing, a hearing which was cancelled at the last minute. Despite the public hearing cancellation, Movimiento Cosecha still went inside the Capitol building to let lawmakers know they mean business. 

However, before goin in the building, while still rallying outside in the plaza area in front of the Capitol, two people approached the gathering of about 150 Cosecha members and allies. The two people were talking amongst themselves and then each took out their smart phones and began video taping the Cosecha action.

I was doing crowd safety that day, so after the two unidentified people began filming the Cosecha activists, I approached one of them and asked what they were doing? The man kept filming and said he has a legal right to film. I kept asking him what he was doing and why he was there, but he started saying that there was an angry mob that was threatening him.

It turns out, the person who was filming and creating drama, was an Alt-Right blogger by the name of John Clore. His blog is called Us Against Media. The headline he created for the action in Lansing was, Attacked by Angry Mob in front of Lansing, Michigan State Capitol Building.

It turns out that Clore and his wife had also planned to attend the public hearing on granting driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants, specifically to oppose the proposed bills. Clore then writes:

While walking towards the Anderson Building to check on Elections and Ethics committee, we came across an angry mob of migrants who started attacking us for simply asking questions.

You can watch the various videos Clore has posted, but the second video is the most instructive, in that Clore instructs his wife to walk right through the crowd. Clore at one points says, “they are not even speaking English.” 

Those of us who were doing crowd safety, asked him to leave the rally, since we were trying to create a safe space for immigrants, plus we know that the Alt-Right has a history filming and doxxing activists.

Clore continued to claim that he was being threatened, then made comments about people wearing masks. At about 5:20 in the video he stated, “If you don’t like it here in the US, go back to Mexico.”

For the most part, Clore and his wife were manufacturing a news story, so much so that they made it about themselves in a rather narcissistic fashion. There was one person who flipped off Clore, but most people ignored him and his wife, since it was clear that their whole intent for being at the Capitol that day was to oppose proposed legislation that would allow undocumented immigrants a chance to obtain a driver’s license. Once Clore and his wife found out that the public hearing was cancelled, they decided to disrupt a non-violent Cosecha rally and then make claims about being threatened by a mob. 

What some white people will do to get attention and create a narrative that fits their White Supremacist world.

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