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How many people have the police killed in 2021 so far? Asking for Johnny Brann Sr in Grand Rapids and Voice for the Badge

March 16, 2021

As I am accustomed to doing on a regular basis, early this week I checked the Voice for the Badge Facebook page. 

On March 13th, the founder of Voice for the Badge, Johnny Brann Sr. made the following post:

2021 to date


62 police officers died/killed

8 suicides

Ya feel good about that – haters of Police?

If you do you’re a sick demented – individual

God Bless our Police

Johnny Brann Sr.


We are here for you Blue

Some harsh words for those of us who supporting the Defunding of the GRPD. 

I looked in to where Johnny Brann Sr might have got his data on police deaths so far in 2021, especially since he never sources his data. I did an online search and looked at the site called Officer Down Memorial Page, since I wanted to find the most pro-police site I could find. That page has 69 deaths as of the week of March 15th for 2021.

However, upon looking at the list of reasons for police officers dying in 2021, the number one reason was COVID 19, which has resulted in 38 police officer deaths. The next highest is gunfire (11) and then they list a whole bunch of other reasons, which you can see at this link.

Therefore, more than half of the deaths of police officers have been due to COVID 19, and based on the data from the Officer Down Memorial Page, it appears that maybe 14 police officers have been killed by someone, while on duty, so far this year.

Comparatively, the number of people that police officers have killed across the US so far in 2021 is substantially higher. According to the database that the Washington Post has been using since 2015, the number of people that cops have killed so far in 2021 (under the heading Fatal Force) is 179. 

Based on the data provided by these two sources, there have been 14 police officers that have been intentionally killed, compared to 179 people that police officers have killed during the same amount of time. That is a 12.7 to 1 ratio, meaning for every police officer that is killed while on duty, the cops kill 12.7 people.

Who again, are the sick and demented people Johnny Brann Sr?

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