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March planned this Saturday in Grand Rapids to fight GRPS plan

December 12, 2012

Local people are angry and organized. With the continued dismantling of Grand Rapids Public Schools and the partnerships with the private sector to build places like the Van Andel funded University Prep Academy on Division.

Here is what the Facebook event page says about what is planned this Saturday:276540_372397129520284_1168454827_n

Bring the REAL stakeholders (our children!) to lead us parents as well as teachers and community supporters in a march this Saturday at 12 noon from Rosa Parks Circle to Amway Grand Plaza.

The purpose of our march is to oppose GRPS’s “Transformation Plan” to shutter 10 more of our public schools in the coming year and to bring our complaint to those financially and ideologically responsible for the plan.

The “Cambridge Report”, upon which the GRPS Transformation Plan is based, was paid for with nearly 1/4 $ million from the DeVos family, a family that has been working for over ten years to privatize and dismantle public schools not only in Grand Rapids but also nationwide. As Dick Devos put it in his 2002 speech on the topic to the Heritage Foundation, “Because we know how the government schools perpetuate themselves, we can design a plan to dismantle them”.

Is it any surprise then, that the DeVos family-sponsored study recommended shuttering 10 more of our public schools? It is not a surprise, but it is a surprise that GRPS administrators would simply fall in line!

25 schools have already been shuttered in recent years: closing 10 more leaves our city with a dwindling public education base and just clears the way for more private and charter schools to take their place.

This is one “philanthropic” donation GRPS adminstrators should steadfastly refuse: they should instead be working to expand our public school base, while providing wraparound services and diverse learning opportunities at every school!

Join us and let’s work to save our public school system locally and nationally at the same time. If GRPS won’t do it, we will.

Sponsored by Save Our Schools Grand Rapids (SOSGR)

March of the Stakeholders

Saturday, December 15

Noon – 3PM

Beginning at Rosa Parks Circle in Downtown Grand Rapids

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  1. GriidCheck permalink
    December 12, 2012 6:00 pm

    GRPS is out of money.

    They have lost thousands of students.

    They have too many buildings they simply no longer need.

    They have to cut costs in order to stay afloat.

    How do supposedly sane adults react?

    They hold a protest march to demand that GRPS keeps their heads buried in the sand and pretend that the real lack of funds is just some lie cooked up by the DeVos family, and that they really have a secret stash of a billion dollars that they are trying to keep from the schools.

    Some people are just beyond clueless.

  2. Dirk Heemskerk permalink
    December 12, 2012 6:56 pm

    u think ur tellin it like it is but u can’t hang with the truth. everything a republican tea partier spews is just a smear campaign and RACIST at it’s core. Fuck the black and hispanic families who Dick Devos contributed for the funding that was cut to those schools which he now wants to replace with his own school model, and his politics are vile. u disgust me. u can take that clueless comment and shove it up ur ass. if u don’t believe in it don’t blame it motherfucker. UR the problem, Not everyone else, and yes, Other people do exist that actually need to be taken care of to survive u wanna be survivalist Nazi Fuck.

  3. GriidCheck permalink
    December 12, 2012 10:44 pm

    “u think ur tellin it like it is but u can’t hang with the truth. everything a republican tea partier spews is just a smear campaign and RACIST at it’s core.”

    Yeah, ok. Everything is “racist” with people like you.

    The real “racists” are the ones that doom minority kids in pathetic schools where they learn nothing, don’t graduate, and those that do have received such a terrible education they leave thinking that “Ur” is a word.

    Besides none of this changes the fundamentals of what I said.

  4. SitInvertn permalink
    December 13, 2012 1:26 am

    Ahh big man, gonna talk shit economically to leftist. Why use intrastate regulatory powers to deregulate the college level educators, o Hey I just found and amendment.That free government rests, as does all progress, upon the broadest possible diffusion of knowledge, and that the state should avail itself of those talents which nature has sown so liberally among its people by assuring the recognition of credits recieved from college level courses, organized and administered by independent, accredited educators, so that an effective and accessible system of education may be developed to its fullest throughout the state. That right there would allow the liberal arts to be absorbed into society(” we want our teachers of society now above it” Mao), establish an organically competitive pricing mechanism for credit hours, drive down the cost, create a migratory influx of families that wished to take advantage of economicaly accesable education, Foster a true culture of knowledge, add depth and diversity to the knowledge economy, allow colleges to direct liberated resources to improving tech equipment for microbiology or w/e. Hold on lady, I ain’t done off with your skirt now…. legalize medical cannabis dispensaries and given the locality total tax power to lay, as well as allocate those taxes, suggest they be used to pay for graduates of your cities high-school to receive 2,000$ a year subsidies for attending a in state college. This coupled with the aforementioned reform would revitalize our urban cores by encouraging mass migration to our cities/state, to tKo advantage of the benefits, recoup lost property values, enlarge the tax base of a given city, and make it rain sweet potatoes! But this is a republic where majorities cannot oppress minorities and vote away their individual liberty, unless you decide weed is evil. Tyrannical majoritarian poser. Get at me if your interested in voluntary single payer. Now go sew your overlords head back on, and worship obediently. This android is hard to type on.

  5. SitInvertn permalink
    December 13, 2012 3:14 am

    OK just cause I’m bored. Vermont has a population 646,431, and they have single payer. Michigan population 9,876,187. If asked I’m sure at least 1.5 million Michiganders, would volunteer to be taxed individually for the collective bartering ability to purchase insurance as a group. I’m sure they could secure a fare better rate per Individual then their counterparts currently are in Vermont. Because the people would directly bear the burden taxation, suffering if the program failed or ran a deficit, and enjoy the benefits of it’s success, the incentive for direct participation and popular over sight couldn’t be higher. A program so administered would have undoubted success, primarily because the capability to corrupt it would be arrested by the ultimate safeguard, the people’s energetic engagement in securing their own self interest. Because it would be voluntary, and not a mandate, other citizens participation and correspondent increase in collective purchasing power, would be based on the success or failure of the program, and the competitiveness in both affordability and services offered compared to others plans currently on the market. Such a program would eventually take in a third of our people. Simultaneously merging it with the existing MI healthcare recipients would drive down the per capita cost , on those who already pay taxes to allow others access, thus saving the existing tax payers some of their money. And that’s how you make MI the hot girl everyone chases again. And strengthen/popularize your institutions for Christ sakes, does it really have to become an explicit ass fascist tyranny before you repossess your shit…If their gonna destroy earth and all life on it with bottle caps, and plastic baggies let’s get serious about monkeywrenching that process permanently, kna mean son?

  6. SitInvertn permalink
    December 13, 2012 3:35 am

    O Yeah and sense your such a fan of voluntary association and liberty. Go print my picture of FacebooK, and make a shrine to me instead of your false gods, with rose petals ,scented candels, and empty Sunkist popbottles, and if your good I’ll spit liquid droplets of light into em while you sleep. Sorry to much Kanye West today:)


  1. March planned this Saturday in Grand Rapids to fight GRPS plan | Our Kitchen Table

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