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Director of Drug War film opening at UICA tonight: “Capitalism is destroying Democracy”

December 7, 2012

Eugene Jarecki, director of such powerful films as Why We Fight and Trials of Henry Kissinger, has directed a new documentary that exposes the Drug War as a complete sham, entitled The House I live In.

In an interview with independent journalist Laura Flanders, Jarecki talks about his motivation for the doing this film that exposes the War on Drugs. Jarecki covers lots of aspects, such as the war against poor people, racism and the prison industrial complex, but towards the end of the interview, the filmmaker talks about what the film is really about and what concerns him most as an insurgent documentary maker.MV5BMTk4ODQxNzE4N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjY3MjUzOA@@._V1._SY317_CR0,0,214,317_

Jarecki states:

I am very frightened by the impact of modern capitalism on American democracy. I think that capitalism is destroying democracy in this country because we drank a kool-aid under Reagan of a kind of runaway, not mom and pop capitalism. We love the idea of entrepreneurs and pioneers who start their little store and make a success of it. Modern capitalism is something else. This is the idea of free market as promoted by people who want anything but a free market, what they want to do is monopolize the free market so mom and pop can’t compete and ultimately go out of business and get replaced by a box store. So that’s the America that I fear because it’s in an America where, you can go into Burger King and you can have it your way and you can design your little burger the way you want to with pickles or mustard, your choice, but Americans don’t realize by entering the Burger King to begin with, a Burger King that’s able to query incredible favor with your politicians that you can’t. A Burger King that could pollute your water supply and you couldn’t stop them. A Burger King that engage in shady labor practices and you don’t have the power. All of those things that those major corporations are doing, you’ve given away your actual choice already by letting Citizens United and other decisions in this country let loose the dogs of capitalism on the American body politic.

I think that is a theme common to all of my films. I made a film about the military industrial complex, and how it threw us into war whether we wanted to or not. The majority of the American people are peace seeking and yet we find ourselves in war after war. The American drug war which has perpetuated despite every evidence of its failure by a system of industrialized for-profit incarceration. So many businesses, so many jobs, so many bureaucrats  relying upon such an inhumanity as the profiteering on the incarceration of others that that could continue.

The film opens tonight in Grand Rapids at UICA and will run through December 13.

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  1. SityInverter permalink
    December 7, 2012 6:00 pm

    state capitalism….can you say divided and conquered.

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