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Mutual Aid GR produces Zine in preparation for People’s Assembly on Radical Sustainability this Saturday

April 19, 2012

This Saturday, people with gather to discuss and organize around ways that people can both resist the current environmental catastrophe and create models of living that do not perpetuate the capitalist model, green or otherwise.

People involved with Mutual Aid GR have created a zine they plan to distribute to people who attend the gathering on Saturday. The zine, A Guide to Radical Sustainability in Grand Rapids, provides a framework of the group’s analysis, points of unity to describe how they will operate, resources and tactics and strategies for dealing with food, transportation and energy issues.

The 16 – page document is not a blueprint nor does it have all the answers, instead it is a mechanism to broaden the discussion about how we avert continued ecological destruction.

The zine makes it clear that the current capitalist model is inherently unsustainable and that in order for there to be a future for all species there must be a radical shift from how we live currently. The zine advocates both resistance against global capitalism and the creation of economic models that are truly sustainable.

“We believe that the realities of global warming are real and very urgent. The Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, which consists of thousands of the top climate scientists from around the world, estimates that humanity needs to collectively and globally reduce current levels of carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. There is no indication that this reduction is happening, in part because the US and other wealthy nations are blocking any real efforts to have global standards put in place immediately.

In addition, most of the so-called “solutions” operate on the assumption that humanity can achieve necessary carbon emission reductions within a capitalist framework. We whole- heartedly reject this framework and believe we need a radical restructuring of society in order to avoid further ecological catastrophe. For us, a “Green Jobs” plan will not work because it does not challenge the current economic system and it enables the worst polluters to continue to make incredible amounts of profit. If there were a massive redistribution of wealth we would not need a “jobs program.”

These issues and more will be discussed at the People’s Assembly on Radical Sustainability this Saturday. There will be breakout sessions to both look at the tactics already suggested with the hope that there will be more ideas that people will bring to the table on Saturday.

A People’s Assembly on Radical Sustainability in GR

Saturday, April 21

11 – 3:00pm

Trinity United Methodist Church

1100 Lake Dr. SE, Grand Rapids

Lunch will be provided by Food Not Bombs. There is no cost to attend and childcare is available upon request

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