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Protestors distribute Dump Rush Campaign material outside of WOOD Radio

March 16, 2012

A group of people calling for Clear Channel in Grand Rapids to drop the 15 hours a week of Rush Limbaugh from the WOOD Radio station protested for an hour earlier today in downtown Grand Rapids.

The protest, which was called for by NOW Grand Rapids and GRIID saw a slightly different crowd from those that came to the first protest last Wednesday.

The group held signs just outside the entrance to the Clear Channel/WOOD Radio offices at 77 Monroe Center and some of those involved with the protest handed out Dump Rush Campaign material to people passing by.

Over 100 people took information that provided people with some concrete steps to support the campaign, such as:

  • Send e‐mails to WOOD Radio Station Manager Tim Feagan at or write letters to: WOOD Radio 77 Monroe Center Grand Rapids, MI 49503.
  • Pressure local businesses and other entities that advertise on WOOD Radio to pull their funding from the station until Clear Channel stops broadcasting Limbaugh’s program on WOOD Radio AM.
  • Share this information with co-workers, friends and neighbors in person or by posting information on whatever social media sites people use.

At one point 2 of us went inside to visit WOOD Radio to look at their public file to see how many more letters have been submitted on this issue. We found that since last Wednesday there were 55 more letters or e-mail messages, which were calling for WOOD Radio to pull the Limbaugh show. There were also 19 letters/e-mails from people thanking the station for airing his program, some of which identified themselves as part of the Tea Party.

We did notice that some of the letters calling for the termination of the Limbaugh program identified as Conservative Christians who also thought that Rush had “crossed the line” with recent remarks targeted at Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke. All today, there have been roughly 150 letters calling for the station to stop broadcasting Limbaugh and 19 in favor of WOOD Radio keeping the show on the air.

The group protesting today also agreed to continue having weekly gatherings outside the station and are inviting people to join them on Fridays at 1:00PM at 77 Monroe Center in downtown Grand Rapids.

If people are not able to make it, it is crucial for people to send letters/e-mails to the station and to contact local businesses who advertise on WOOD Radio.

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