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Dump Rush Campaign sends a message to WOOD Radio in Grand Rapids

March 7, 2012

Earlier today 15 people gathered in front of the building that house Clear Channel, the parent company of WOOD Radio.

The protest was a result of last week’s comments from syndicated radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, who called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute.”

Since Saturday, the National Organization for Women’s (NOW) Grand Rapids chapter and GRIID have been calling on people to contact WOOD Radio to demand that they remove the Limbaugh show from their lineup. Limbaugh is broadcast on WOOD Radio five days a week from noon – 3pm.

The local campaign consists of people sending written letters or e-mails to the Station Manager Tim Feagan and pressuring local companies that currently advertise on WOOD Radio to pull their funding until the station removes the Limbaugh show.

Today people held signs outside the Clear Channel building, while others went inside to deliver more letters and look at the station’s public file. The group was able to determine that so far there are at least 80 separate complaints from people, all demanding that WOOD Radio stop broadcasting Limbaugh. The group will continue to monitor the number of letters that WOOD Radio receives on this issue, which could have an impact on whether or not the Clear Channel station will be able to renew their license with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) later this year.

When a Clear Channel representative finally came down they told those gathered that only 1 person at a time could go up. People said they wanted to go as a group to deliver the additional letters people brought today and to talk to the Station Manager. People were told that the Station Manager was out to lunch and then said that people could come up in pairs. Two groups of two went to the 10th floor offices of Clear Channel, since the public no longer has immediate access to the local office of the radio conglomerate. People are required to call the station, which will send a representative downstairs to escort people upstairs.

Some local news media showed up to report on the protest with WZZM 13 posting a preliminary story online and an MLive story that was longer, but failed to mention that today’s protest was just the kickoff to an ongoing campaign.

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