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Dump Rush Campaign continues with Protest this Friday (3/16)

March 13, 2012

To continue to keep up the pressure on WOOD Radio to pull Rush Limbaugh from its lineup, NOW Grand Rapids and GRIID are calling for another protest this Friday, March 16 at 1:00pm.

People are encouraged to bring signs and written letters to the protest, letters that can be delivered to the WOOD Radio Station Manager Tim Feagan. These letters will go in the station’s public file, which will be checked regularly to see how many letters/e-mails the station is receiving in opposition to their broadcasting of the Rush Limbaugh show.

This public protest is also part of a larger campaign to pressure WOOD Radio, which involves the letter writing and the targeting of local advertisers. We noted yesterday that the first local advertiser, Maple Creek, a senior housing facility, pulled their ad dollars from the station.

According to as of yesterday, at least 98 companies had pulled their ads from the nationally syndicated Rush Limbaugh show. Also, to be clear, the Grand Rapids campaign is calling for all local advertisers to pull their funding no matter when their ads are airing on WOOD Radio.

Dump Rush Protest

Friday, March 16


77 Monroe Center – downtown Grand Rapids

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