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Local advertiser pulls money from WOOD Radio in Dump Rush Campaign

March 12, 2012

Last Tuesday we posted a list of local entities that advertise on WOOD Radio as part of the campaign to get Rush Limbaugh’s syndicated show off the air in West Michigan.

A few days ago we received notice that one of those advertisers, Maple Creek, has since pulled their funding from the station, according to a spokesperson from the senior housing center, which is run by Lutheran Social Services.

This is certainly a step in the right direction, but this is just the beginning and we need to keep the pressure up. The national campaign continues to target big advertisers and our campaign is focusing on local businesses that are advertising on WOOD Radio. To be clear, we are targeting any West Michigan entity advertising on WOOD Radio, not just those that run ads during the Limbaugh show. If we are going to be effective, we need to target any and all local advertising on the local Clear Channel station, WOOD Radio.

  1. At the bottom, we are re-posting the local advertisers that need to be contacted. Please share this list with as many people as possible and re-post on Facebook and any other social media venues as possible.
  2. Continue to send e-mails to WOOD Radio Station Manager Tim Feagan All e-mails that call for Limbaugh’s removal from the air must go in the station’s public file, which could be useful since WOOD Radio is renewing their license with the FCC this year.
  3. Send written letters to WOOD Radio/Time Feagan, 77 Monroe Center, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. These letters will also go into the station’s public file.
  4. We need people to contact organizations and ask them to sign on to this campaign to pressure WOOD Radio. We need women’s organization, unions, student groups and any and all organizations that believe hateful speech has no place in West Michigan.

West MI Advertisers on WOOD Radio:

Grand Rapids Lighting


Kyper College 

Kent Equipment

(616) 675-5368  

River City Reproductions


Life EMS


Mercantile Bank of Michigan


Silver Bullet Firearms

(616) 249-1911    

West Michigan Office Interiors

(800) 964.0201   

Granite Transformations

(866) 400-1594

AMR-West Mi

(616) 459-8228

AAA Turf


West Michigan Glass Block


Bartlett Tree Experts


Spectrum Health

(616) 391-1382

Family Fare


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