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Short Film exposes Enbridge environmental practices

February 11, 2012

This video is re-posted from EcoWatch.

Editors Note: Enbridge, the company responsible for the more than 1 million gallons of oil that leaked into the Kalamazoo River in the spring of 2010, is a major part of the Alberta Tar Sands Project and would make millions if the Keystone Pipeline Project were approved in the US. This powerful film includes a section on the ecological disaster that happened in Michigan nearly 2 years ago.

Filmmaker Corey Ogilvie has produced a great new short film on the risks versus benefits of Enbridge’s proposed new pipeline that would take raw bitumen from the tar sands to the coast of British Columbia.

This film focuses on the impacts of the inevitable spills from the pipeline. There are, of course, also impacts from the pipeline when it doesn’t spill—upstream impacts on Alberta’s land, air and water from digging up the tar sands, and downstream impacts from the climate change caused by burning the oil.

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