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Small group of labor activists protest outside Amash’s office on unemployment benefits issue

February 10, 2012

Earlier today about 15 people gathered in front of the federal building in downtown Grand Rapids to make a statement about Rep. Justin Amash’s position against extending unemployment benefits for millions of Americans.

One protestor we spoke with was a retired UAW worker (Dale), who said, “this was the most anti-worker Congress he has seen” in his life and that these policies are just one tactic being used in “the war on working people.”

The protest was one of several happening across Michigan today and was called for by the AFL-CIO to call out Republican legislators who do not support extending unemployment benefits and who want further conditions placed on those who do. However, the Democratic Party has recently said they would agree to cutting the length of time people could be on unemployment, according to a Huffington Post story posted today.

The only commercial media entity to show up today was WZZM 13 who interviewed Sue Levy from the UAW. GRIID also interviewed Levy and filmed the first two questions asked by the channel 13 reporter. Sue wanted to address the issue of the GOP proposal of drug testing for unemployment recipients, but the TV 13 person said, “we are not going there.” GRIID asked Sue Levy what her thoughts were on the proposed drug testing as well as her thoughts on ending corporate welfare benefits.


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