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Social Justice Training opportunity begins in January at GVSU

December 17, 2011

Last year GVSU launched its first social justice training — Change U: Training for Social Justice. The community response was overwhelming. This program impacted West Michigan by fostering community collaboration and movement building right here in our towns and cities. 

Change U brought community members, faculty, and students together to explore the importance of solidarity. Over 100 people were a part of these successful trainings and have since begun to utilize their new skills and knowledge in West Michigan communities to create effective and collaborative justice groups. GVSU invites you to join our Change U community and continue on your path to create change!

Grand Valley State University is hosting Change U: Training for Social Justice again this year in the winter of 2012. The purpose of Change U is to further strengthen social justice movements on and off campus by fostering cross-issue, intergenerational, and diverse partnerships between the GVSU community and social justice efforts throughout the area.

The four-month training will look at how issues such as racial and economic justice intersect with issues such as gender and disability justice.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn concrete skills and strategies from a diverse team of trainers, including nationally recognized leaders in social justice movements, who specialize in multi-issue and cross community organizing. Participants will also develop skills enabling them to have an institutional analysis as well as the capacity to develop strategies and tactics to respond to institutional oppression. These trainings will build community, develop capacity and support movement building here in West Michigan.

Community members in West Michigan, as well as Grand Valley State University students, faculty and staff are invited to apply to participate in this social justice training series. Pursue your passion to create change in your community, join the revolution.

Availability is limited, so visit for more information and to fill out an application today to ensure a spot. The social justice training session begins the second or third week of January, depending on which sessions you sign up for.

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