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Sign the Petition for the Repeal of Snyder’s Emergency Manager Law

December 17, 2011

Michigan Forward is arranging for an allied group of labor organizations, civic leaders, and community organizations across the state to collect signatures for the repeal of Public Act 4, Snyder’s law that allows the state seizure of city and school assets, the firing of elected officials, the cancellation of union contracts, and the privatization of public services such as water and sewage.

Grand Rapids is one of the cities that will have a signing station with petitions.

Petitions have been circulating for months, and Michigan Forward is nearing its goal. If the required number of signatures can be submitted by the deadline, Public Act 4 will be suspended until it can be voted on by the people of Michigan. The law would revert back to the previous version of emergency management, which has many more checks and balances and does not give sweeping powers to appointed managers.

In Grand Rapids, you can sign on petition on Saturday, December 17, and Sunday, December 18 at:

Teamsters Local 406

3155 Eastern Ave SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49508
Phone: (616) 485-3024
Special Office Hours: Noon – 3PM

Help put a stop to Snyder’s seizure of assets and control of local governments and school systems. Make a point of stopping by between noon and 3PM on either day to sign the petition, and help push this repeal into the hands of Michigan residents. Your signature is a holiday gift you can give to our community and citizens across the state.

Image from Lansing Online News

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  1. Frances Gentile permalink
    December 17, 2011 5:03 pm

    I’m gonna wend my way there this afternoon. Thanks for posting this on Facebook, or I wouldn’t have known about the petition!

  2. kswheeler permalink
    December 17, 2011 5:41 pm

    Thanks, Frances!

    We get our information about events from Michigan Forward–but unfortunately, it only arrives a day before an event! We had to rush to get this online and on Facebook. Hopefully, people will see it in time to participate.

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