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Press reporting on the Governors race superficial

March 9, 2010

Yesterday, the Grand Rapids Press ran a very brief article on a report that there were robo calls made in the Grand Rapids area this past weekend critical of Democratic candidate Virg Bernero. The story was superficial and is reflective of the kind of reporting we have seen so far in this Gubernatorial race.

The article states that the robo calls were telling people to contact the AFL-CIO and complain about Bernero. Bernero is being backed by the Michigan AFL-CIO and the article sites the union president Mark Gaffney and his response to the robo calls.

However, instead of just stating he obvious the Press reporter could have tried to verify the claim made in the calls. The robo calls claimed that Bernero didn’t really support workers, but it seems that as Lansing Mayor Bernero did go to bat for UAW workers when GM was in the process of closing more factories in the State’s capitol. In this interview with Fox News Bernero defends workers over Wall Street and puts some of the blame for decreased worker wages on international trade policies.

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  1. Nick Manes permalink
    March 9, 2010 3:03 pm

    can’t say I have followed the Governor’s race very closely and I don’t know much about Bernero. But he impressed in this video, which is saying something for a politician. He brought up serious problems and things that are thought to be taboo to talk about. And as soon as he did, the Fox News anchor tried to cut him off. I’m interested to learn about Bernero a bit more.

  2. March 9, 2010 3:24 pm

    Nick, thanks for the feedback. I agree, Bernero’s rhetoric sure sounded refreshing, so we need to keep looking at what he has actually done for working people as the Mayor of Lansing.

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