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Create poverty, then contribute to charity: The Jandernoa Foundation, like most foundations, is a con

June 16, 2022

Michael Jandernoa is part of the Grand Rapids Power Structure, as we have noted for many years now. 

The former CEO of Perrigo Pharmaceutical Co., and now the CEO of 42 North Partners, has long been involved with numerous groups that advocate for Neo-Liberal economic and social policies.

Jandernoa has been involved with the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce for decades, the Right Place Inc and the West Michigan Policy Forum (WMPF). In 2018, Jandernoa and other members of the worked to undermine public teacher unions, particularly by eliminating retirement benefits.

In 2019, Jandernoa was interviewed by the GR Chamber of Commerce, as part of a forum hosted by the West Michigan Policy Forum. Jandernoa was talking about the problems with public education and essentially was advocating for more Charter and private forms of education, along with saying that the business community should be more involved in creating school curriculum to create the “talent” that businesses needed.

Then there is the matter of campaign contributions. Michael Jandernoa nd his wife are major contributors to the GOP and GOP candidates, all of which embrace neoliberal economic and social policies that primarily benefit the class that Jandernoa is part of, the Capitalist Class. In the 2013/2014 election cycle, Jandernoa contributed $649,996 to GOP candidates. In the 2015/2016 election cycle, he contributed $437,500 and during the 2017/2018 election cycle Jandernoa contributed $592,000 to GOP candidates. In fact, according to, Jandernoa has contributed a total of $4,299,096 in campaign money over the past 27 years, mostly to GOP candidates.

All of his campaign contributions have resulted in public policy decisions that have impacted working class families struggling to survive, especially BIPOC families who are disproportionately impacted by economic policies that benefit the likes of Michael Jandernoa.

Jandernoa then turns around and contributes money through his foundation, which is considerablely smaller than foundations run by the DeVos family. In the 2020 990 documents for the Jandernoa Foundation, his family contributed a total of $2,981,127, which you can find on

Some of that money has gone to Catholic entities, since Jandernoa himself is a Catholic.

  • Aquinas College – $50,000
  • Catholic Central High School – $150,000
  • Diocese of Grand Rapids – $80,000

The Jandernoa Foundation has also contributed to local public colleges and universities, based on the most recent 990 document.

  • GVSU – $125,000
  • Michigan Colleges Alliance – $80,000
  • Regents of University of Michigan – $957,877

Other, more charity focused groups have also benefited from the philanthropy of Jandernoa, such as:

  • Heart of West Michigan United Way – $350,000
  • Habitat for Humanity – $150,000
  • Make A Wish Foundation – $310,000
  • Mel Trotter Ministries – $187,500
  • Special Olympics Michigan Inc.  – $150,000
  • Kids Food Basket – $20,000
  • Disability Advocates of Kent County – $40,000
  • Aya Youth Housing – $37,500

What is instructive about this last group, is the fact that the people they provide services to, are the very same people who are negatively impacted by the public policies that are promoted and adopted by the Michigan Legislature, which Jandernoa has been contributing to for nearly 3 decades.

His foundation contributions are a great way to win over people and organizations, because of this so-called philanthropy. However, it is rarely questioned by the news media or non-profit groups, that the small amount of money Jandernoa contributed to charitable causes is nothing compared to the profits he has generated for himself and his fellow members of the Capitalist Class in West Michigan. This is exactly why rich people have foundations, so they can con the public into thinking they are generous, while their economic and political role is to create more poverty.

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