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2022 West Michigan Candidate Policy Platforms: 3rd Congressional District

June 15, 2022

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting information and links to candidate websites and/or social media pages so that people can see what their policy positions are and what they say they will do if elected.

We will be posting this information specifically for candidates running for office in West Michigan, candidates at the Congressional level, state level and in Kent County. We do this in part, since we cannot rely on the dominant commercial news media to provide this information or any robust analysis of the policy platforms of those running for office.

In late July we will also be posting information on campaign financing for these same candidates, so that people have as much information as possible about candidates before the August Primary and the November 2022 Election.

Now, personally I identify as an anarchist, so I don’t put much stock in representative democracy or the electoral process. However, I do think it is important for people to think critically about the political/electoral process that currently exists.

In today’s post, we look at Congressional Candidates. These candidates, if elected, will have to deal with a whole range of topics and issues. On the foreign policy end of decision making, which candidates, if any are committed to a reduction in the US Military budget, which is the largest in the world? Where do candidates stand on continued support for Israel, for the marginalization of countries like Cuba and Venezuela. What about the US military aid to Ukraine and the push to escalate a possible war with Russia. Where do candidates stand on international trade policies, the global war on drugs, torture, US weapons sales to countries with atrocious human rights records, etc.

On the domestic end, where do candidates stand on housing and gentrification, the wealth gap, Medicare for All, the Prison Industrial Complex, immigration policy, structural racism, public education, the urgent climate crisis, corporate welfare, policing, LGBTQ issues, gun control and gun manufacturing, the agribusiness system, the corporate control of the news media, etc.

As an anarchist, I believe that my aspirations and the desire to work towards Collective Liberation are rarely reflected in the electoral/representative democracy process. Where are the candidates who are publicly anti-capitalist and anti-racist? Where are the candidates that oppose the homophobic and transphobic policies and practices in this country and in this community? Where are the candidates that are anti-colonialist, who believe that Indigenous sovereignty and land should be a priority? Where are the candidates that are committed to reparations for Black people? Where are the candidates that want to use money that currently goes towards policing and to US militarism, and want it to go instead to the most marginalized communities? Where are the candidates who believe that housing, income, education and health care are fundamental rights? Where are the candidates who are committed to resisting the current climate crisis and want to shut down the Enbridge Line 3 and Line 5? Where are the candidates that want to deal with root causes of problems, instead of false solutions perpetuated by charitable groups and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex? Where are the candidates that not only support labor unions but actively work to support workers to create workplace democracy? Where are the candidates who support reproductive justice? We all deserve a better world and we need to support policies and movements that confront and dismantle systems of power and oppression. 

Here are the candidates for the 3rd Congressional District:

Peter Meijer (incumbent) R

Hillary Scholten D

John Gibbs R

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