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Updating the DeVos Family Reader: Monitoring the most powerful family in West Michigan

May 4, 2022

In Howard Zinn’s monumental book, A People’s History of the United States, he constantly juxtaposes the amazing things that people did to fight for liberation and the people behind the systems of oppression that social movements were fighting against.

This is exactly why I have spent years monitoring, investigating and critiquing the DeVos Family. They are the most recognizable and powerful manifestation of the systems of power and oppression in West Michigan. Now, I know there are plenty of people who share the belief that without the DeVos Family, Grand Rapids wouldn’t be where it is today. I fully agree with that belief, but for reasons that are the exact opposite of those who hold the most powerful family in West Michigan in high regard.

Twice a year we try to update our DeVos Family Reader, a collection of articles that looks at the family’s history, the influence on election & public policy, their foundations, how they are reported on in the news media, ArtPrize and the section entitled Betsy DeVos Watch.

This updated version of the DeVos Family Reader includes information and analysis on the Betsy DeVos-led effort known as Let Michigan Kids Read, the new Doug DeVos podcast called beLIEve, Always decision to pull their operations out of Ukraine and Russia, coverage of the DeVos-led 14,000 downtown Amphitheater project, plus several stories on campaign contributions at the State level. 

The DeVos Family Reader continues to grow and with the most recent update it is roughly 650 pages long. The articles below are in chronological order, beginning with November 7, 2021.

In anticipation of Whitmer veto, Michigan GOP has begun a petition campaign to allow the use of public money for private and religious education

DeVos created/connected groups are criticizing the number of public schools that are not going back to in person learning due to the COVID virus

Betsy DeVos moderates panel of carefully selected people to promote the Let MI Kids Learn Ballot Initiative

The money behind the candidates in Michigan – Part III: DeVos-funded candidates

Connecting the dots on the School Choice Week event and the DeVos family obsession with destroying Public Education

Always Follow the Damn Money: How the Grand Rapids Power Structure looks out for their own economic interests

Like his father, Doug DeVos wants us all to just Believe: A member of the Grand Rapids Power Structure and his Podcast

Amway announcement to pause operations in Russia is really their way of throwing a tantrum for not being able to continue to peddle their soap and vitamins

The City of Grand Rapids unanimously approved the new $116M land purchase for Amphitheater project: Why those who run the City always get what they want

DeVos family has contributed nearly half a million to DeSantis, making them complicit in the Don’t Say Gay bill

Campaign Finances for West Michigan Congressional Races: How the DeVos family and other members of the Grand Rapids Power Structure keep buying candidates and influencing public policy

May 3rd Special Election for 74th District Seat, again features a candidate that has received thousands from the DeVos family

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