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May 3rd Special Election for 74th District Seat, again features a candidate that has received thousands from the DeVos family

May 3, 2022

There is a special election on Tuesday, to fill the seat previously held by Mark Huizenga, who is not a State Senator.

Robert Reagan had won the GOP primary, but after he has made some “controversial comments,” Mike Milanowski Jr. has decided to enter the race as a Republican write-in candidate.

Therefore, the May 3rd election for the 74th District seat is now between Reagan, Milanowski and Democrat Carol Glanville. Glanville, who is currently a Walker City Commissioner, doesn’t have much of a campaign platform, but she has raised a fair amount of money as of the most recent campaign finance data. Some of the larger campaign donors for Glanville are:

  • Julie Brixie Blue Wave Fund – $5,000
  • Michigan Education Association – $2,500
  • Karla Jurvetson (Physician from California) – $1,050

Robert Reagan has a more extensive issues list, although it is pretty clear that he embraces a Trump-like platform. In terms of fundraising, here are the top contributors, based on recent campaign finance data:

  • Robert Reagan (he has been his largest single contributor so far) – $1,849
  • Kristen Buff (Business Coach) – $1,000
  • Bonnie Burke (Designer) – $900
  • It is also worth mentioning that former State Represented Dave Agema, who was far right of even many Republicans at the time, contributed $250 to Reagan’s campaign.

Lastly, there is the write-in candidate Mike Milanowski Jr. Milanowski has no issues listed on his campaign page,  although there is some information on his Facebook candidacy page. Milanowski has been endorsed by the Michigan Manufacturers Association. In terms of campaign finances, Milanowski has a fairly impressive list of West Michigan power brokers, considering he is a write-in candidate. Here is a list, based on data from the Michigan Secretary pf State:

  • Pamela DeVos – $1,000
  • Cheri DeVos – $1,000
  • Maria DeVos – $1,000
  • Steve Ehmann (RDV Corp.) – $1,000
  • Doug DeVos – $1,000
  • Betsy DeVos – $1,000
  • Dick DeVos – $1,000
  • Dan DeVos – $1,000
  • Friends of West Michigan Business PAC (GR Chamber of Commerce) – $1,000

Clearly, the DeVos family wants to see Milanowski win the 74th District seat, since they and one of their RDV Corp managers have collectively contributed $8,000. This provides Milanowski with funds to do online campaigning and mailers for today’s vote.

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