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New Michigan House Speaker, Jason Wentworth, has lots of corporate backing, including the DeVos family

November 6, 2020

It was announced yesterday, that the new Speaker of the Michigan State House will be Rep. Jason Wentworth, from the 97th District.

Wentworth is former military and a former cop, who was first elected to the Michigan Legislature in 2016. Wentworth won that election with an infusion of $9,000 from the DeVos family and has been bringing in lots of corporate cash every since.

Some of the most notable funders of Rep. Wentworth have been:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Small Biz PAC
  • DOW Inc PAC
  • Mortgage Bankers Assoc. PAC
  • Huntington Assoc. Good Gov Fund
  • Home Depot
  • Detroit Chamber
  • Ford Motor Co
  • DTE Energy
  • Altria PAC
  • CMS Energy PAC
  • Police Officers Assoc. PAC
  • Chatfield Majority Fund

If you want to search his voting record, which seems to be consistent with GOP leadership, go to this link.

The Michigan House is still GOP controlled, 58 – 52. Despite Biden winning Michigan, it did not translate into a majority of Democrats in the State House. 

Sources used for Campaign Finance data on Rep. Wentworth: Michigan Secretary of State and Michigan Campaign Finance Network.

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