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Echoing the Trump administration, the American Patriot Council is calling for “patriots” to go to Detroit to protest the vote count

November 5, 2020

On Wednesday, it was reported that dozen’s of Trump supporters stormed the Detroit Board of Elections central counting center, chanting “Stop the count!” 

The Detroit Free Press reported that “a chaotic scene erupted outside the vote tally room at TCF Center in Detroit as election officials informed dozens of challengers that they could not reenter the room due to it being over-capacity.” Police were called in response to the rowdy crowd, which pounded on windows and doors while shouting “let us in.”

Not surprisingly, the American Patriot Council posted the following message on their website Thursday morning:

At the TCF Center in Detroit, the APC is calling all patriots to join forces with many other groups in peaceful, vibrant protest of the corruption surrounding our nation’s 2020 election. Bring American flags, patriotic signs, and your voice as we pack the streets with cars and people, willing to stand up for the American right to vote.

This call by the American Patriot Council is consistent with their rhetoric and their actions in Michigan, since they were founded this past March. They were behind many of the anti-lockdown rallies held in Lansing and in Grand Rapids, they have been a major player in the push to have Gov. Whitmer and other state officials arrested for trying to maintain sensible public health policies during the COVID 19 pandemic, all of which helped to create a political climate that led to the attempted kidnaping of Gov. Whitmer by armed domestic terrorists.

In addition, one of the leaders of the American Patriot Council, Ryan D. Kelley, has been at the forefront of opposition to getting rid of the Confederate statue in Allendale, Michigan.

The fact that the American Patriot Council is calling for “patriots” to protest the vote count in Detroit, a city with a majority of Black voters, once again demonstrates their commitment to White Supremacy and bully tactics.

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