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Governor Whitmer said the DeVos Family was funding one of the groups behind the April 15 protest: This is why GRIID been tracking the DeVos Family for 30 years!

April 22, 2020

There has been some additional attention around the power and politics of the DeVos family, even in commercial media.

Gov. Whitmer made the claim that Betsy DeVos was financially contributing to the Michigan Freedom Fund, one of the organizations behind the protest held on April 15, calling into question the governor’s stay-at-home policy.

In addition, there has been some focus on the DeVos funding of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and how the DeVos family, along with other millionaires and billionaires in the country will be getting massive tax breaks, as part of the Cares Act.

If you just can’t get enough about the power, influence and history of the DeVos family, then we invite you to check out our 536 page document, We’re Rich and We Do What We Want: A DeVos Family Reader

The document includes:

  • Introduction to their Religious and Political Ideology
  • Early Critiques of DeVos/Amway
  • DeVos Family, Elections and Money
  • DeVos Family and West MI Politics
  • DeVos Family Foundations
  • West MI Media and the DeVos Family
  • ArtPrize
  • Betsy DeVos Watch
  • Additional Resources

In these pages you can read about the cumulative impact that the most powerful family in West Michigan has had on Grand Rapids politics, State politics and Federal politics. You can read about how Amway workers tried to form a union in the early 1980s, how the DeVos family transformed GVSU, how much money they have spent on buying elections, the impact of their foundations, and how they so often get a free pass from the commercial media.

We believe the DeVos Family Reader is a great resource for those who want to understand how power functions and just how much influence this family has across the state.

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