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Help pressure the City of Grand Rapids to provide support for immigrant workers during the current crisis

April 21, 2020

A few weeks back, we posted an article that pointed out how some cities are providing financial support to immigrant workers during the current pandemic. That article talked about my interaction with Grand Rapids City Commissioners about their willingness to offer the same kind of support. 

Now there is a new call to action around the same issue, coming from the group GR Rapid Response to ICE.

In their Action Alert, they state:

Immigrant workers are on the front line of this pandemic. Many continue to work in dangerous conditions because they have no choice–they do not receive unemployment, will not receive a relief/stimulus check from the federal government, and still need to support themselves and their families. We are calling on the City of Grand Rapids to immediately start providing COVID-19 pandemic relief to all immigrant members of the community–regardless of status or documentation–including payments for rent, food, utilities, and any other benefits the city is providing to the rest of the community.

The Action Alert then invites people to send a message to Grand Rapids City officials, by going to this link.

It’s a simple action, but an important one, especially if the City of Grand Rapids hears from enough people, thus making them commit to providing critical support to immigrant workers and their families during the crisis. Please send the message and share it with your networks on social media.

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