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Synder Front Group runs another Super Bowl Ad extolling the economic comeback of Michigan

February 5, 2018

This is the third time that Governor Rick Snyder and the 501c4 group, Making Government Accountable, has run an ad during the Super Bowl during the 8 years he has been in office. 

The ad, like all political ads, engages in populous and vague rhetoric, like, “Our government is now fiscally responsible” and “Everywhere, a renewed sense of confidence and pride.” 

The video also makes the claim that over 500,000 new jobs have been created in Michigan, but never qualifies what kind of jobs, the wages those jobs pay and whether they are full-time or part time. This is the nature of political ads.

The ad also makes the claim, “Detroit has become the most remarkable comeback city in the country.” Again, no need to substantiate such claims. If you say it, it must be true.

The images the ad uses about Detroit are those of downtown, with high rise buildings and sports arenas (which were subsidized by taxpayers). What the ad doesn’t show is the growing gap between the wealthy and those in poverty, the gentrification of Detroit or the fact that the city continues to shut off water to thousands of people who are struggling to survive. 

The ad doesn’t really talk about the rest of the state, but we know that the ad ran in the Detroit, Flint, Traverse City and Grand Rapids TV markets. According to the Detroit News, the ad ran on WOOD TV8, just prior to the Super Bowl game, at the cost of $12,000. 

We found out about the ad from a Facebook post on the West Michigan Policy Forum page. The West Michigan Policy Forum agrees with the ads message, as the members of the WMPF are amongst the primary beneficiaries of the “economic comeback” of Michigan. What the WMPF members mean by “economic comeback” is more profits for their companies, more government program cuts, taking away public sector union pensions, making Michigan a Right to Work state and eliminating the Michigan Business Tax.

No surprise then that several members of the leadership team at the West Michigan Policy Forum, John Kennedy, Michael Jandernoa, Doug DeVos, Meijer Family, Steve Van Andel, J. C. Huizenga, Matthew Haworth and the companies they represent, have been substantial contributors to Gov. Snyder since he was first elected. 

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