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West Michigan Elite amongst the largest contributors to the 2018 Election in the State

February 2, 2018

The Michigan Campaign Finance Network is already making it clear that the 2018 Elections in Michigan will be one of the most expensive in state history

In the 2018 Election we will see contributions from numerous sectors, including Political Action Committees (PACs), Caucus Committees, Super PACs, outside funding and an increase in individual candidate contributions.

One area, Caucus Committees, not only demonstrates the outrageous amounts of money that have already been raised in Michigan, the data also shows that West Michigan elites are amongst the top contributors to purchasing the 2018 elections.

According to the data collected by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, the top two contributors to the Senate Republican Campaign Committee are listed as: 

  1. DeVos Family, Windquest Group and RDV Corp, $240,000
  2. Kennedy family, Autocam, $60,000

This amount of money is just what was raised in 2017 and we can expect even higher numbers for 2018.

In the House Republican Campaign Committee, the top three contributors are from West Michigan:

  1. DeVos Family, Windquest Group and RDV Corp, $240,000
  2. Nancy and John Kennedy, Autocam, $80,000
  3. Secchia family, Sibsco, $80,000

The Republicans have raised significantly larger amounts than the Democrats to date for the 2018 Election and that typically translates in to the GOP continuing to dominate state politics. You can see from the chart below, that the Michigan Republicans have raised in the House and Senate Caucus Committees more than double what the Democrats have raised.

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