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Grand Rapids Cosecha Movement holds Press Conference to draw attention to May 1st Day Without Immigrants

April 27, 2017

Earlier today, three people who were arrested on April 20 for taking action in solidarity with the undocumented community, all plead not guilty to misdemeanor charges at the Kent County Court House.

Gema Lowe, who is a volunteer with the Grand Rapids Cosecha Movement, spoke first at the press conference, to provide some context for the April 20 action and the upcoming May 1st march themed as Un Dia Sin Immigrantes.

Gema spoke about this movement being about the dignity, respect and permanent protection of immigrants, particularly of undocumented immigrants. “When our families members die in our country of origin, we often can’t go, because we would never be able to get back in the US. This means we often don’t get to pay proper respect to family members who have died.

After Gema, an immigrant shared her story about coming from the Dominican Republic and becoming a foster parent to several refugee children who fled war-torn countries.

The rest of the Press Conference consisted of two of the three people arrested on April 20th, sharing a few words about why they did what they did. In the video below, we hear from Louis DeShane, a member of the Grand Rapids ATU, which is the bus driver’s union in Grand Rapids.

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