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Media Literacy and the Trump Administration

April 12, 2017

For nearly 20 years, GRIID has been promoting Media Literacy as an important component for an informed public. Over the past two decades we have conducted media literacy trainings throughout Michigan and have worked with public health educators, sexual assault prevention campaigns, labor organizers, environmental activists and anti-war organizers.

Media Literacy is fundamentally about developing critical thinking skills, skills that are often not part of the current educational system. Education is often framed as a mechanism for talent creation or merely preparing students for the job market. We view education as a life-long endeavor that is primarily about developing critical thinking skills that are essential to all of us in order to promote and practice justice and liberation from oppression.

Over the past 20 years we have used numerous media literacy exercises, but none more than the Branded Alphabet. The Branded Alphabet media literacy exercise is a great way for people to:

  • Understand the pervasive nature of advertising in our society and how we are all being targeted by advertising campaigns.
  • Understand how the news media functions and how they decide what information to give us, when to give it to us and how to give it to us.
  • Juxtapose the Branded Alphabet with the current administration cabinet as a way to demonstrate the gap between our knowledge of products vs our knowledge of politics.
  • Understand how the media system is constructed in such a way as to make consumerism a priority over an informed public

We have just updated the Brand Alphabet media literacy exercise, since we now have a new administration, with most of the key cabinet members being approved by Congress.

We invite you to test your knowledge of both the Branded Alphabet and members of the Trump administration. Ask yourself why you might now products more readily just from one letter than who hold major cabinet positions in the Trump administration? The answers are on page three of the media literacy exercise.


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