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Peters and Stabenow Endorse the bombing of Syria, Amash calls it an Act of War

April 10, 2017

Last Thursday, the US military engaged in a bombing mission against Syria, launching 59 Tomahawk missiles directed at several targets on the Middle Eastern country.

However, this was not the first time that the US has bombed Syria in recent years. Since 2014, the US has been bombing Syria regularly (roughly 8,000 airstrikes), but unlike this past weekend, there was not an outbreak of protests across the nation, like the ones targeting the Trump administration. 

Endorsing the US Missile Strike against Syria

Since the Thursday evening US military attack against Syria, politicians have been responding to the Trump administration’s actions. Michigan Senator Gary Peters made the following statement on Friday in support of the missile strike: 

“Bashar Al-Assad’s ruthless use of chemical weapons to kill innocent men, women, and children is abhorrent and cannot be tolerated. Our ultimate goals in resolving the crisis in Syria should be restoring stability to the region and providing safety and security for the Syrian people, who have endured unspeakable terror at the hands of their own government. I applaud the skill and bravery of the American service members who executed last night’s air strike.

While it’s crucial that we send a strong message to Assad, I firmly believe this strike and any future U.S. military action must be accompanied by a comprehensive strategy to achieve our goals of stability and safety. Now more than ever, we need clear and consistent leadership from the Trump Administration that includes diplomatic, economic and military coordination with our Arab partners in the Middle East and allies in the international community. President Trump should work with Congress to ensure the United States presents a united front to address what is an extremely complicated conflict in Syria.”

Senator Debbie Stabenow has of yet to post a statement on her website, but she was interviewed on WKAR (MSU radio station) and had this to say: 

“The Syrian people have endured horrendous atrocities at the hands of their government, and the latest chemical weapons attack against innocent children and their families demands a response. The Trump Administration must ensure that further US action is part of a clear strategy and policy that includes diplomatic coordination with our allies, as well as input from Congress. I stand behind our service members involved in last night’s military action and commend their bravery.”

Interestingly enough, Rep. Justin Amash, unlike Democrats Peters and Stabenow, did not support the Trump administration’s missile attack on Syria. On a brief statement of Facebook, Amash said:

Airstrikes are an act of war. Atrocities in Syria cannot justify a departure from our Constitution, which vests in Congress the power to commence war.

The Framers of the Constitution divided war powers to prevent abuse. Congress to declare war, so the American people might be represented in such a decision; the president to conduct war and repel sudden attacks.

Such a statement from Amash is not out of character, since her has opposed US military actions during the Obama administration as well. To be clear Amash does not take an anti-war or an anti-imperialist position. Amash claims to be more of a Libertarian and a Constitutionalist, but it should also be stated that his seat has been held by Republicans for decades and has been considered a safe seat.

Amash has not been seriously challenged in several races, nor was Rep. Vern Ehlers before him or Rep. Paul Henry before Ehlers. Given that the seat has been a safe seat for republicans, it has allowed those who have held the seat some flexibility to vote against their own party, especially when that vote doesn’t threaten the outcome of any particular legislation.

Major US Media acts as cheerleader for the US missile strike against Syria

Since Friday morning, most of the major US media has been endorsing the US missile strike and acting like a cheerleader for the US Military.

The independent news site, The Intercept, ran an article on Friday with this sentiment, running the headline, The Spoils of War: Trump Lavished With Media and Bipartisan Praise For Bombing Syria. 

In addition, the media watchdog group Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting noted that in five major US newspapers, there were 18 opinion pieces on the US missile strike on Syria and all of them praised the US missile strike. Indeed, it has been difficult to find many dissenting opinions within the US commercial media, once again demonstrating US media loyalty to empire.

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