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Protest in Support of a Woman’s Right to Choose planned for April 10 in Grand Rapids

April 3, 2013

The Heritage Clinic for Women on East Fulton in Grand Rapids, has been the target of anti-abortionists for years.


Last October, we interviewed someone from the Heritage Clinic on this history of harassment, during their 40 Days of Choice Campaign, which was a campaign to counter the “40 Days of Life” campaign organized by anti-abortionists in West Michigan.

On Wednesday, April 10, there is a protest planned in front of the Heritage Clinic for Women to continue to counter the so-called Pro-Life presence outside the clinic. Here is what the Facebook event page says:

Politicians, republicans, and anti-women groups are trying to turn back the clock on womens’ liberation by using various measures. However, we want to show that women are capable of choosing their own fate and combat the sexism that is built from believing that women are incapable of making their own decisions. We will be holding a counter-protest in favor of a pro-choice approach for women and trans* men and furthering the movement in achieving womens’ liberation.

Support a Woman’s Right to Choose!

Wednesday, April 10


Heritage Clinic for Women

320 E. Fulton, Grand Rapids

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