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IWW organizers say today’s rally just the beginning of actions in support of unlawfully fired worker at Star Tickets

April 1, 2013

Earlier today a group of IWW members and supporters came to a rally in solidarity with Deirdre Cunningham, an IWW organizer who was fired last week for organizing fellow workers.rally

The unlawful termination of Deirdre Cunningham came on the heels of an organizing campaign that resulted in the majority of Star Ticket workers voting in favor of having a union.

This was just the beginning of an effort to challenge Star Tickets owner Jack Krasula and his anti-union tactics. The IWW stated that they planned to continue having rallies, do fundraising for Deirdre and engage in other tactics to pressure the company to reinstate their fellow worker.

People are encouraged to check the IWW Star Tickets Worker Union Facebook page for updates and continue to flood Jack Krasula with phones calls, calling for the reinstatement of Deirdre Cunningham.

Jack Krasula Phone – 248-945-1127

We also had a chance to talk with Deirdre Cunningham on tape, which is followed by IWW organizer Cole Dorsey talking about the union’s reaction to Deirdre’s firing.

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