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Updated Branded Alphabet Media Literacy Exercise

March 26, 2013

There have been numerous changes to the Obama administration and its cabinet members in recent months, which has prompted us to update the Brand Alphabet Exercise.

Picture 1

This media literacy exercise has been useful over the years as a mechanism to begin a conversation around what we know and what we don’t know, based on what the commercial news media gives us.

Since we live in a hyper-marketing media world, it is much easier for people to recognize branded products than to identify people at high-level positions in the federal government.

This is not some conspiracy to keep the public ignorant, rather it is the outcome of a media system that is profit driven, where the standards of journalism have declined and are in constant competition with corporate media’s desire to get good ratings/more readers.

Picture 2

Test your knowledge and do the two part exercise. In part I, identify the products, based on the letters. In Part II, identify the current list of people in the Obama administration, both their names and what position they hold.

The answers can be found here.

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