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IWW organizer fired from job just weeks after winning union election at Star Tickets

March 26, 2013

Earlier this month we reported that the Star Tickets Workers Union won their election.530657_123090354529167_1944884883_n

One of the organizers of that campaign was Deirdre Cunningham, a dedicated organizer with the Grand Rapids branch of the IWW. Just minutes ago we found out that the owner of Star Tickets, Jack Karsula, fired Deirdre Cunningham.

The Grand Rapids branch of the IWW just released this statement of solidarity and action:

IWW Organizer Deirdre Cunningham has been fired from Star Tickets after a successful union election. The IWW workers of Star Tickets were officially recognized as the bargaining agent for Star Tickets today. Also today Mrs. Cunningham was fired in retaliation.  

Call owner Jack Krasula and demand justice for Deirdre!!

Phone – 248-945-1127

Sample Script: 

I’ve been made aware that Deirdre Cunningham has been fired from Star Tickets. On the same day that the IWW Star Tickets Workers Union was certified. I will be letting all my friends and family know what is going on at Star Tickets until you:

Re-instate Deirdre Cunningham

Stop Trying to Bust the Union

Immediately begin bargaining with the Star Tickets Workers Union. 

I’m sure you are aware its a violation of federal labor law to retaliate against a worker exercising their right to organize. I hope you’ll make the right decision in this matter. 

IWW organizer Cole Dorsey said the local chapter is in the process of organizing a demonstration on behalf of Deirdre. Once we hear of any plans we will post them and you can check the Star Tickets Workers Union Facebook page for updates.

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