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New Media We Recommend

March 20, 2013

Below is a list of new materials that we have read/watched in recent weeks. The comments are not a “review” of the material, instead sort of an endorsement of ideas and investigations that can provide solid analysis and even inspiration in the struggle for change. All these items are available at The Bloom Collective, so check them out and stimulate your mind.


Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, by Michael Moss – The title of this book might give one the impression that it is just about how bad the American diet is. While diet is certainly discussed, this new book by Michael Moss is a fabulous expose of the corporate food industry and how they have not only hijacked our food, but deliberately made us unhealthy. Salt, Sugar, Fat takes you inside the corridors of the food industry, where the author talks with researchers and food marketers about how they intentionally make food that is unhealthy and addictive, because it is more profitable to do so. This is the conclusion one walks away with after reading this compelling book and why we need to fight for food justice and food sovereignty.


America’s Deadliest Export Democracy: The Truth About US Foreign Policy and Everything Else, by William Blum – Bill Blum is a former US government insider who has written some of the best books on the real inner workings of US foreign policy. In his most recent collection of essays, Blum tackles everything from Iraq, Afghanistan, terrorism, Cuba, Wikileaks, torture, the US media, Capitalism and dissent. Many of these essays have been written since Barack Obama was first elected in 2008 and Blum demonstrates with endless sources and sometimes brutal sarcasm that US foreign policy continues its imperialist run despite the claims of the liberals who voted for the country’s first Black President. A fabulous collection that is must reading for anyone seriously concerned about understanding US foreign policy.Jensen_Dreams_large

Dreams, by Derrick Jensen – Jensen’s furthest-reaching book yet, Dreams challenges the “destructive nihilism” of writers like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris who believe that there is no reality outside what can be measured using the tools of science. He introduces the mythologies of ancient cultures and modern indigenous peoples as evidence of alternative ways of understanding reality, informed by thinkers such as American Indian writer Jack Forbes, theologian and American Indian rights activist Vine Deloria, Shaman Martin Prechtel, Dakota activist and scholar Waziyatawin, and Okanagan Indian writer Jeannette Armstrong. He draws on the wisdom of Dr. Paul Staments, author of Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World, sociologist Stanley Aronowitz, who discusses science’s lack of accountability to the earth, and many more. As in his other books, Jensen draws heavily from his own life experience living alongside the frogs, redwoods, snails, birds and bears of the upper northwest, about which he writes with exquisite tenderness.

The Invisible War (DVD) – Focusing on the powerfully emotional stories of rape victims, The Invisible War is a moving indictment of the systemic cover-up of military sex crimes, chronicling the women’s struggles to rebuild their lives and fight for justice. It also features hard-hitting interviews with high ranking military officials and
members of Congress that reveal the perfect storm of conditions that exist for rape in the military, its long-hidden history, and what can be done to bring about much-needed change.

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