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GVSU Students Against Sweatshops take action to end campus contract with Adidas

March 19, 2013


Today, about 15 students in the newly formed United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) chapter at GVSU, marched, chanted, participated in a flash mob and met with a university administrator presenting their demand that the college sever its contract with global footwear giant Adidas.

Students met in Kirkhof first to go over the plans for the day and then marched to the Vice President’s office in the lower level of the library.SAS 1

When they arrived in the reception area, the Vice president greeted them, but declined to meet with all the students present, instead agreeing to a small delegation to meet with him privately.

After about 20 minutes the students emerged from the office and the group headed back up to Kirkhof to participate in a brief flash mob action.

Students then marched through campus chanting and engaging other students on the campaign to end the university’s contract with Adidas, a contract worth over a million dollars.

The first video is footage of the students marching and the flash mob, while the second video is a brief interview with two GVSU USAS members.

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  1. davepjones permalink
    March 20, 2013 10:31 am

    Good job, keep up the good fight, seeing this 20 minute docu years ago had a huge impact on me about this sweatshop issue.


  1. Law, Policy & Governance – Rachael Blansett

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