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Rally on Tuesday for woman facing deportation from ICE

March 1, 2013

A Grand Rapids woman is facing deportation and area activists are asking for support to pressure the government to stop the deportation.victoria_and_child

The Detroit-based group 1 Michigan has been organizing actions like these for the past year as the federal government has stepped up their efforts to harass, intimidate, arrest and deport people, particularly undocumented immigrants.

According to the group’s Facebook page for this action:

Victoria came to Grand Rapids, MI to seek refuge from her ex-husband. She was a victim of domestic violence who was once beaten so badly, her four-month pregnancy was ended. Victoria’s ex-husband threatened to kill her if she ever tried to flee, but she took the risk and fled for her life to the U.S.

Victoria found a man who truly loves her and they have three beautiful children. Unfortunately, two of the children were born with a hearing impediment and are being treated to receive cochlear implants.

ICE is now trying to deport Victoria and her U.S Citizen Children telling her she only has two options: go back to Guatemala and never see her children again or take her U.S. citizen children with her and assure that two of her children will never hear or speak again.

There is also an online petition that 1 Michigan is asking people to sign and circulate to put pressure on the federal government to not deport this women.

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