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February 15th: The Day the World Said NO to War!

February 15, 2013

The trailer of the film We Are Many is re-posted from Common Dreams.intheworkswearemany

We Are Many is a documentary film about one historic day, and its legacy. On 15 February, between 10-14 million people took to the streets in nearly 800 cities around the world, to protest against the impending war on Iraq. Filmed in six countries over 7 years, this film also reveals unexpected legacies, from the influence on the Egyptian democratic movement to the Occupy Movement. Told by first hand participants, organizers and the public alike as well as leading public figures, this film is the first documentary account of the biggest single protest in the history of humanity. We Are Many is both the untold story of a powerful movement, and a witness to the rise of the ‘Second Superpower.’ The film is due for worldwide release in this year, the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War and of the Day the World Said No to War.

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