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Sen. Carl Levin continues propaganda about US/NATO operations in Afghanistan after 2-Day Trip

January 28, 2013

Michigan Senator Carl Levin just returned from a two-day trip to Afghanistan. As he has in the past, Levin defended the US occupation and continued his mantra of support for the US training of Afghan police and military.

Since the Obama administration announced an escalation in US troops to Afghanistan, Levin has justified it on the grounds that it was necessary so that the US military could train Afghanis to provide their own security in the future.

A week ago, Levin posted a letter that he and Senator Reed sent to National Security Advisor Donilon that lays out their belief that much progress is being made in Afghanistan.6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a67be351970c-600wi

The claims by Senator Levin are widely challenged by numerous sources, which do not paint the current situation in Afghanistan or the Af-Pak strategy as well.

First, Levin ignores the whole drone war and the targeted assassinations that the Obama administration has deployed.

Second, there is no mention of human rights abuses in Afghanistan, committed by US, NATO and Afghan Security Forces, as has been documented by Voices for Creative Non-Violence.

Lastly, Senator Levin’s position on the “progress” of the Afghan Security Forces is not shared by many independent analysts. For example, a recent e-book published through the Afghanistan Analysts Network, entitled Snapshots of an Intervention, has several chapters devoted to the US/NATO training of Afghan Security Forces. This collection of essays does not portray the outcome in anyway similar to the claims of Senator Levin.

Another recent report from the Afghanistan Analysts Network, Beating a Retreat: Prospects for the Transition Process in Afghanistan, also offers information and analysis that conflicts with that of Senator Levin.

In this report the author notes that there are serious flaws in the US/NATO troop drawdown plan, the lack of stability, ongoing government corruption and the long-term problem of US military bases in Afghanistan after the 2014 “withdrawal” date. There are also major concerns about the ongoing presence of private mercenaries, which provide additional incentives for insurgent groups to continue even after US/NATO forces have diminished.

In short, Michigan Senator Carl Levin is either highly misinformed on what is actually happening on the ground in Afghanistan or he is merely playing his role to defend the imperialist nature of US foreign policy in that part of the world.

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  1. January 28, 2013 3:55 am

    Its my belief Senator Levin has knowledge of the imperialist legacy and operatives that are oppressive, he most likely is all part of the conspiracy? what conspiracy? the part that will not acknowledge the truth ob the depravity and sordid work of the Allies, lies, it is a matter of conjecture as to whether all representation of the Western Allies is indoctrinated to such a extensive state of mind that they are unable to work towards any other possibility other than destruction of the environment, ecology, and people, who do not fit in to their idea as to what their reality is.
    They the Establishment, the Elite, have turned their back on the historical background of the culture they and their ancestors are and have been, they are as a whole a conceited, bigoted dark blotch of Humanity, the ability of these primordial’s to stay in power is as a result of the violence they perpetrate on the more advanced species Human beings, that sustains them.
    Noted is Prince Harry, bragging on the murders he has committed against the Taliban, whatever you may think about the Taliban, its my view they are no worst than the covert underground of our police such as MI5\6 and such agencies including the CIA.

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