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Protestors Confront Gov. Snyder outside of Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

January 25, 2013

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Earlier today, about 100 people from Detroit travel to Grand Rapids to confront Michigan Governor Rick Snyder over his economic policies, particularly the recent Right to Work law.

The group organizing today’s protest was Good Jobs Now, a group that was formed in April of 2011. According to their website, Good Jobs Now is a broad coalition of community groups, faith leaders, concerned citizens and the labor sector that is committed to solving the issues facing our neighborhoods and holding decision makers and elected officials accountable for creating jobs and finding solutions to these 1

Some of the protestors went inside the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel with sign and noisemakers, which resulted in Grand Rapids Police officers showing up immediately to make sure people did not “disrupt” the patrons in the hotel.

The cops tried to talk to protestors, but people just kept chanting and ignoring the police, while marching in front of the hotel.

Amway security were posted inside the front doors to prevent protestors from coming in and when asked about what they thought of the protestors, they told refused to respond.

We did talk to one representative from Good Jobs Now about what brought them to Grand Rapids today. According to Kimland Terry, Gov. Snyder was in Grand Rapids for a couple of weeks to participate in the Auto Show and was staying at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel.

The Governor has slashed taxes for 2% of the wealthiest in the state, while working class and middle class families had been forced to share a bigger portion of the financial burden facing this state.

It is out intent to either ride him out of state or to vote him out of office, but either way we are committed to winning justice for our communities, said Mr. Terry.

The Good Jobs Now protestors were an almost exclusively African American group today, with little evidence that West Michigan people were in attendance, despite a Facebook posting about the action.

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