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Action Alert: Pressure Snyder to Veto anti-reproductive rights bills

December 28, 2012

We have received information from several groups in West Michigan and across the state that are working to pressure Governor Snyder to veto the various bills that are now before him that, if signed into law, would be a serious blow to reproductive rights in Michigan.michigan-abortion

Governor Snyder received HB 5711 yesterday and SB 1293 and SB 1294 will be on his desk soon.  Snyder has 14 days to either sign or veto HB 5711 (deadline is January 10th). He can also take no action, in which case the bill is dead, which is what is referred to as a pocket veto.

While some groups tried to work with the Governor’s office on this legislation to address some of the worst aspects of the bill, groups such as the Progressive Women’s Alliance believe that HB 5711 (S-3), “remains a terrible bill that shames women and their doctors.”

We asked the President of NOW GR, Dani Vilella, to respond to the bills that are now waiting for Snyder to either sign or veto. Vilella said:

While there have been changes to HB5711 since its introduction in June, those changes do not go far enough. HB5711 along with SB 1293 & 1294, which ban abortion coverage in public and private insurance plans without a separate rider, do not protect women. They do not help to end the need for abortion, or reduce the unintended pregnancy rates in Michigan. They are punitive, plain and simple. They seek to restrict women’s right to make choices for their own bodies, health and lives.”

“NOW GR urges the Governor to veto these bills and asks the people of Michigan to reiterate this message by calling or emailing the Governor’s office as soon as possible.”

Along with NOW GR, Planned Parenthood, the Progressive Women’s Alliance and the ACLU of Michigan are all calling on people to contact the Governor’s office as soon as possible and demand that he veto these anti-choice and anti-reproductive rights bills.

Action Alert

Contact Governor Snyder and demand he veto HB 5711, SB 1293 & SB 1294

Call: 517.373.3400


Or go online to



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