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MLive and the DeVos role in paying to make Michigan a Right to Work state

December 17, 2012

Earlier today, MLive posted a story that mildly summarizes a New York Times article about the GOP and the DeVos family’s role in getting Right to Work (RTW) legislation rammed through the State and signed into law by Gov. Snyder last week.DeVos

The Mlive story doesn’t provide much information from the New York Times piece, but does give DeVos hatchet man Greg McNeilly space to defend his boss Dick DeVos.

The MlIve story is less than 200 words and certainly paints DeVos as a savvy political player instead of the shrewd people of the 1% that uses his family’s wealth to impose repressive policies on the people of Michigan and around the country.

We reported the DeVos family’s role in getting RTW legislation passed in a posting earlier this month, which provided information that MLive rarely does. We pointed out that the DeVos family has been a major financial donor to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, which was the real architect for the RTW legislation that was pushed by the Republican members of the State and then signed into law by Snyder.

We also pointed out that the West Michigan Policy Forum, which several members of the DeVos family are involved with, has also been pushing for RTW laws in Michigan since their founding in 2008. The 2012 conference held by the West Michigan Policy Forum held in September featured a whole session on RTW, a session led by someone from the Mackinac Center.

The New York Times article doesn’t have a great deal of new information, but it is an affirmation of what some of us have been saying about the prominent role that the DeVos family has played in pushing through this repressive legislation.DeVos

The Times piece does state, “A union-backed ballot measure to enshrine collective bargaining rights in the State Constitution was defeated, thanks to an aggressive campaign against it that was financed in part by $2 million of DeVos family money.” Interesting that the MLive story did not include that information.

There was one comment in the MLive story that is relevant in terms of the current “discourse” from those supporting RTW, which claim that this was “retribution” for Prop 2. DeVos spokesperson Greg McNeilly is quoted as say, “It had nothing to do with retribution (for Proposal 2), but (that union-backed ballot proposal) did serve a timeliness factor because it made the issue fresh. It put the issue on the agenda.

It’s unfortunately, but not surprising that readers of MLive have to find other sources that expose the DeVos family for their tactics of subverting democracy with money.

For readers of this blog, the tepid treatment of the DeVos family role in the RTW fiasco is all the more reason why we need an independent media and why we need to make the DeVos family the target of our collective anger.

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  1. SitInvertn permalink
    December 17, 2012 9:43 pm

    All I want for x-mas is an exponential social algorithm amplifier, and snickerdoodle cookies, I would trade my soul for snickerdoodle cookies.

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