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About 100 protest Right to Work legislation in downtown Grand Rapids today

December 10, 2012

Picture 1

Around the noon hour today, about 100 people marched through downtown Grand Rapids protesting the Right to Work legislation passed last week that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is expected to sign into law this week.

Some of the protestors had tape over their mouths to make a point about how working people are being silenced on this issue.

At one point the protestors were marching and chanting in front of the Amway Grand Plaza hotel in downtown Grand Rapids. Several GRPD cars showed up and told them that they could not make noise outside of the hotel. Some people argued it was their first amendment right to do so, but police told them it would be a noise ordinance violation and that anyone continuing to make noise outside the DeVos owned building would be arrested.

Picture 2

At one point the cops even said to the crowd, “How would you like it if someone came to your house and started chanting?” This is such a ridiculous statement from the cops as it has nothing to do with free speech and it is irrelevant, considering that police do not get to give us their opinion……they are only supposed to “enforce the law.”

The crowd chose the Amway Grand Plaza as a target, because of the role that Dick DeVos has played in promoting anti-union policies such as Right to Work, as we pointed out in a posting entitled, Right to Work: Brought to You in Part by the DeVos family.

People began the march at Calder Plaza and continued through downtown chanting and trying to engage the public about the laws the lame duck session of the state legislators. A large protest is expected tomorrow in Lansing and it will be interesting to see what sort of tactics the protestors use. There are already media reports of police have a significant presence at the Capitol building in Lansing.

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